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About Us

The Guten Tag Method was developed out of necessity. 

For years, I struggled with planning my day and sticking to it. I tried everything - written agendas, to-do lists, apps... Nothing worked. Most systems were just too complex. 

After lots of work, I developed the Guten Tag Method. The idea is simple. The concept is easy. The method works. Finally, I have a solution that I can stick with and use every day.

My family and friends began using the system, and I found it works for most people. It actually worked really well for my kids. They plan their school work, homework, sports, etc.

What really surprised me was how my tech friends love it. They like the idea of stepping away from apps to plan their day in writing. It helps create a commitment when it is written.

It works. Get one.





Guten Tag Method, LLC

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